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Melinda Watts / singer / speaker / 

Melinda Watts is a Christian recording artist, author, speaker and mentor. She strives to empower others to live a whole, beautiful, inspired life under the banner of God’s never ending grace. As a former high school teacher, Melinda shines through her community work that she founded, Glam Camp for Girls Inc.

Glam Camp is a national leadership and mentoring camp for teen and tween girls across the country. In her free time she enjoys traveling, reading, leading worship, and empowering others.   

Imperfect but inspirational, she uses her writing to encourage others to see the tangible grace of an ever present and loving God. 

A two time Stellar and Dove Award nominee, Melinda leads worship across the country in various churches and conferences. Her prophetic ministry through music is embraced by vast audiences of diverse backgrounds and cultures. 

Currently based in Sacramento, California Melinda lives with her husband William and two children, Lyric and Honour Smile. On a personal level, Melinda is very passionate about homeschooling and mothering her two daughters. When she's not leading worship or touring, Melinda focuses her extra moments hosting empowerment camps for girls through her foundation, Glam Camp for Girls.. She  enjoys traveling around the country mentoring and inspiring young women.