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Dr. Nick Eno / Speaker

Dr. Nick Eno is an author, speaker, licensed professional counselor/therapist, and minister. He’s the kind of man who delights in being called “Dr. Nick” or just “Nick”, brushing off titles and formalities that often stand in the way of deep, honest communication and healing. Dr. Nick is the Founder of Nick Eno Ministries – a ministry dedicated to taking care of people’s souls. Founded in the late 1990’s, it combines a Bible-based philosophy with clinically sound counseling, both aimed at the longterm healing process. As Dr. Nick puts it… Love or Bust.

As passionate as Dr. Nick is about his ministry, the same holds true for his writing and speaking. His second book, The Orphan Syndrome, was released in March 2016 and tackles the tough subject of feeling alone and lost in a world that is home to more than 7 billion people. He is currently traveling the country doing speaking engagements and book signings.

Dr. Nick was born in Africa, and grew up in Nigeria and Cameroon. At the age of 20 he moved to Texas, and went on to continue his education in France, Antigua and Virginia before returning to North Texas for good.  He has studied at some of the finest Christian universities, has had a successful private practice in counseling and therapy, and served in a high position at a Dallas megachurch. He currently lives in Mansfield, Texas, with his wife, Pamela, and their children. He relishes family time, local food, and exotic travel. Dr. Nick is a news and political junkie with a voracious appetite for learning and reading. He has a love/hate relationship with the Dallas Cowboys, loves to show off his “word prowess” during a good game of Scrabble, and just began fishing but already loves creating “fish tales.”.

Professional History

  • Founder of Nick Eno Ministries
  • Current Regional Director of the Therapon Institute
  • Past Adjunct Professor at Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA
  • Past Director of Counseling Services at The Potter’s House in Dallas, TX