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Anastasia Bolden / Comedienne / Host/ Writer

Anastasia "The Bold" Bolden was born in Lubbock,TX. Being raised mostly by her grandparents, she possesses an old soul which gives her a unique & often hilariously funny outlook on life. She has overcome many obstacles in life and been blessed with the gift of gab & making people laugh. Sharing that gift has brought her a long way.

Anastasia's ambition has allowed her to work with comedians such as Nephew Tommy, Tyler Craig, Diane Corder, Doug Williams, Reginald "BroMan" Ballardz, A. J. Jamal, Hope Flood, Marvin Micheals, Honest John, Steve Brown, Rickey Smiley, Steve Harvey, Anthony Brown & many more. Anastasia also performed at T.D. Jakes’ Megafest in Dallas.

This Diva of Comedy, is the epitome of funny. She brings to the stage such a dynamic presence that she halts the chatter to a hush in a shoulder-to-shoulder crowded room. Her delivery is perfectly timed. Her style is nothing other than original, & her versatility makes her suitable for any genre of comedy.

Anastasia ''The Bold", is "too real to be fake & saying the things that others only think."  Book her for your next event.